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Car Accidents Archives

Car accidents involving semi-trucks may lead to injuries, death

A man lost his life in a motor vehicle collision involving a tractor-trailer in Virginia, while another individual suffered injuries. These types of car accidents can easily take place due to the carelessness of an individual. This is grounds for litigation in the civil court system.

Car accidents claim 3 lives in Virginia

Three people have sadly lost their lives in a motor vehicle collision in Virginia. The accident took place along Route 360 and involved three cars. Such car accidents can easily take place if one driver fails to exercise a reasonable amount of caution behind the wheel, which is grounds for civil litigation.

Car accidents often leave many questions unanswered

When motor vehicles collide on busy Virginia roadways, the exact causes of such incidents are not always immediately apparent. Such seems to be the case following one particular collision that involved several vehicles and resulted in serious injuries. As often occurs when car accidents lead to more questions than answers, a full investigation has been launched to determine who or what may have caused the cars to crash.

The distracted driving laws that apply in Virginia

Distracted driving has always been a problem in our world, but it's only until recently that i became a true scourge out on the road. Distracted driving now usually implies that a driver was using his or her cellphone or some other electronic device while operating a vehicle. Decades ago, distracted driving meant the driver was fiddling with the radio, or talking with people in the backseat, or looking at things on the side of the road instead of the road in front of them.

What can you do after your car collides with another?

When you get into a car accident, a few things will immediately happen to you. The first is that a wave of shock will wash over you. The second is that you will be dazed and confused, wondering what your next steps are. And the third and final thing is you will realize that you don't exactly know what comes next.

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