When starting out as a new real estate agent, the list of things to do can be overwhelming. Although you may be tempted to dive into getting listings, there are a few tools you want to collect before you start. From apps to checklists, there many tools that will not only help you start working with clients, but also ensure that they are satisfied throughout the process. As Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

If you’re a new realtor, you should check out these tools: 

Body Language Videos

The key to understanding both sellers and buyers lies in what they don’t say. Brush up on body language with videos from experts. You can improve your first impression through small adjustments in your posture and eye contact. Likewise, you can better understand both your clients and potential buyers by tuning into their non-verbal communication.


Mint Budget Management Tool

Sometimes, the little expenses pile up as you’re working hard toward a sale. As a budget management tool, Mint can link your business and personal accounts in one place. The tool allows you to set budgets with custom categories and mobile alerts. So, if you’re trying to keep track of business expenses from your personal account, like gas or dining, you can easily tag, filter, or set reminders.


The Five P’s of Listing

When evaluating new clients, you want to make sure they are motivated to sell. These 5 P’s of Listing will help you understand your new clients and surpass their expectations. You’ll be better able to list, sell, and close by starting strong with these tips.


Google Maps

Nothing is worse than showing up late to a meeting or event. Easily calculate the distance between properties to make the most of your time. By planning the route, you’ll be more efficient with both your gas and travel time.


Safety Checklist

Your clients will be glad to know you put safety first. This invaluable list helps you keep yourself, your client, and their property safe during the listing process. For example, the listing has reminders like removing prescription drugs and locking away valuables. This little checklist will help the client trust your professional recommendations. Take the safety quiz here.


Adobe Photoshop Express

Make your client’s home sell fast! A mediocre listing photo can kill a sale before you even meet a potential buyer. Adobe Photoshop Express can help you clean up images easily by adjusting exposure, brightness, and tint. Much less intimidating than the full Adobe suite, these small edits can be done for free online.


Home Staging Checklist

Help your clients cover the basics when staging their home for a sale. Create a list of free things you can do to stage a home, including removing personal photos or fixing carpet dents. Keeping a list of these small reminders will make it easy for you to focus during set-up.



Help your clients understand their property’s value within the local market. Although most home buyers use Zillow to search for properties, realtors can take advantage of the site’s local market evaluation tools. For example, the site allows you to compare your listing with other listings in the area. This information is vital to making sure you pick the right listing price.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Stay in touch with buyers and sellers using a CRM system. With the multitude of CRM systems available, realtors have several options that will work well for their specific industry needs. Bringing together listing management, contact list management, and digital marketing, these systems can save you time by becoming your personal assistant.


Transaction Coordination Hub

To get great referrals from clients, you to give your client the best experience possible. One of the biggest ways to ensure a delightful experience is to make sure that you close on time. That’s why we use a transaction coordination hub to organize a close and ensure that you hit your deadline. Our process places every involved party responsible for their piece of the puzzle.

Real Estate is a business of relationships and there are so many tools that can help you succeed. From apps to checklists, the tools above can help you stay organized and free you to focus on face time. With these tools, you’ll be a seasoned real estate agent in no time.

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We want you, and your real estate business to succeed!