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Car accidents involving pedestrians may lead to death

A teenage boy's life was recently snuffed out in a tragic pedestrian crash in Virginia. The collision occurred on a Monday night while the boy was attempting to cross a street on a scooter. Now, the boy's surviving loved ones and school community are left to grieve over the loss of his life at the start of the current school year. These types of car accidents may happen as a result of a driver's carelessness, which is grounds for litigation.

The pedestrian crash occurred at about 8 p.m. A neighbor in the area mentioned that the driver of an automobile was going around 80 miles per hour at a minimum, right before the crash happened. The neighbor said that he feared at the time that the car would hit the boy, and it all happened rather suddenly.

Not all car accidents are criminal

After a deadly accident, many people try to look for a criminal explanation. Was the driver intoxicated or distracted by a smart phone? Driving well over the posted speed limit? Unfortunately, there are not always such reasons for fatal car accidents. Sometimes, a negligent driver simply not focusing well enough is all there is to blame. 

A Virginia woman died after she was involved in a recent tragic collision on U.S. 29. She was driving around 8:30 p.m., when an oncoming pickup truck veered across the median and into her lane. Although the driver of the pickup initially hit a road sign, the pickup then moved into the woman's path and struck the car head-on. 

Reviewing trusts, wills every few years is a smart move

No set rule is in place for how frequently people who own assets in Virginia should review their estate plans. Nonetheless, there are a few basic guidelines that are wise to follow. Here is a look at these general guidelines for reviewing wills, trusts and other estate planning documents.

Ideally, those who have created wills and set up trusts should look at their documents at least every three years. This will help them to ensure that they are still in agreement with the provisions of the documents. For example, they can check to see if they would still like the parties they previously selected to be their trustees, powers of attorney or personal representatives to maintain these roles. In addition, do they want the same parties to receive their assets when they pass away?

Understanding a commercial lease

If you are starting a new business in Virginia or looking for a new or additional location for your existing business, you likely will need to sign a commercial lease. Most businesses start out operating in leased premises, and many, particularly those in the retail sector, never operate from anything other than leased premises.

As you already know if you have leased commercial property before, commercial leases are a completely different species than residential leases for homes or apartments. One of the main differences is that you have far more flexibility to negotiate the terms of a commercial lease than you do with a residential lease. In addition, a commercial lease usually contains fewer protections for either the lessor or the lessee. This is because contract law presumes that both parties to a commercial lease have more business acumen than residential lease parties.

Trusts, wills can help with accomplishing financial objectives

When people in Virginia think about planning for the future, their minds often go to saving up money or planning for retirement. However, creating wills and/or trusts is also an important part of financial planning. Here is a look at why creating an estate plan featuring a will or trust is so critical.

When individuals create wills or trusts, they save both money and stress for a couple of reasons. The first is that they can ensure that their assets are handled according to wishes following their deaths. Second, they can minimize their tax liability.

Trusts offer many unique estate planning benefits

Many people throughout the United States, including in Virginia, prefer not to think or talk about death. For this reason, estate planning is oftentimes ignored. However, creating wills or living trusts is essential for protecting one's assets long term. Here is a look at what trusts in particular can do for asset owners.

Setting up a trust involves the execution of a trust deed as well as the transfer of a person's estate to a selected trustee for the estate beneficiaries' benefit. Three kinds of trusts are available: a private trust, public trust, and religious or charitable trust. In addition, trusts can be either irrevocable or revocable.

Families can seek compensation after deadly car accidents

There were no survivors of a recent two-vehicle crash in Virginia. Police indicated that it had been at raining the time of the wreck, but this is no excuse for negligent behavior. Drivers must adjust their behavior behind the wheel during inclement weather to avoid causing car accidents. 

The accident occurred shortly before 10 in the morning, when the driver of an eastbound vehicle apparently lost control of his vehicle. He drove across the center median of the road and directly into the path of a second car, which was heading west. Unable to break in time to avoid a collision, the second car hit the other vehicle on the passenger side. A witness reported seeing one of the vehicles smashed up and resting in the median, while the other appeared to be missing its roof. 

Could a vacation hurt your personal injury case?

Say that you suffered a serious injury in a car crash--perhaps your back, neck and shoulders keep throbbing. The last thing you feel like doing is going on a vacation two weeks later. It has been planned for nearly a year, is prepaid and your family is looking forward to it. It will put your body through a lot of extra pain but hopefully will be worth it in the end. Your doctor has cleared you but cautioned you to take it easy.

In fact, you do have a lot of fun. You are not able to do much, but you enjoy taking pictures of your spouse and kids as they frolic about. You even push through the pain to experience a few unforgettable moments and post them on Facebook.

Crossing road medians may lead to fatal car accidents

Three people have lost their lives in a tragic motor vehicle wreck in Virginia. The crash occurred on a recent Tuesday at about 10 a.m. These types of car accidents sometimes occur due to the carelessness of a driver, which is grounds for litigation.

According to authorities, a car was driving east on a road when the driver lost control of the motor vehicle. The driver ended up crossing into the road's median and entered a westbound car's path. The second car hit the first car on its passenger side.

Laws concerning therapy animals in Virginia

Many people rely on service animals to carry out a number of tasks. However, numerous states have begun to crack down on people who use fake service animals to bring their pets into businesses with them, including Virginia, which passed its own law on the matter in 2016. 

There are several different kinds of therapy animals people in the state can use from guide dogs, which help blind or partially blind people get around, to hearing dogs, which help alert their owners to any sounds requiring action in the area. There are many laws related to therapy animals both individuals and businesses in Virginia should be aware of. 

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