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Buyers can get jump start on real estate transactions

Purchasing a house can sometimes feel like an impossible feat in Virginia due to the high competition that buyers can face. However, it is possible for buyers to complete real estate transactions involving homes that are not yet officially for sale, thus beating other buyers to the properties. Here is a glimpse at what buyers can do to get a jump start on buying the homes of their dreams.

Following the trends in Virginia real estate transactions

Virginia residents in the market for a new home may be keeping an eye on certain houses and desirable neighborhoods. Often, real estate transactions are a delicate balancing act where jumping too soon or waiting too long can result in big financial losses. However, experts in the market have made their predictions about the third quarter of the year, and it looks good for prospective buyers.

Inspections an important part of real estate transactions

After weeks or months of home searching in Virginia, a couple has found the ideal home -- or so it seems. They have been pre-approved for financing, and they have developed lofty ideas about how to turn their new home into their dream home. Even better, their offer has been accepted -- a major turning point of real estate transactions. However, their work is not over -- not until they have had their homes inspected.

Developer facilitates real estate transactions in Virginia

A Virginia developer recently decided to add yet another hotel to its property portfolio. This time, the hotel is located in the Hampton Roads area. The company plans to purchase the hotel and conference center for a total of $19 million, making it one of the most noteworthy recent real estate transactions in Virginia Beach.

Some advice is best to ignore during real estate transactions

A challenging aspect of putting a home on the market in Virginia is dealing with all of the unknowns. For instance, how much can the home be sold for, and who will end up buying it? Home sellers' co-workers, friends and family may be quick to offer advice based on their own opinions, but unfortunately, not all advice regarding residential real estate transactions is good advice. Here are a couple common pieces of advice given to homeowners that are better to avoid.

More real estate transactions occurred in February

Even though a large number of properties are currently on the market, existing home sales were strong in February. This comes from a recently released report on the number of real estate transactions that have taken place during the past few months. It may be uplifting news for those in Virginia who are planning to buy or sell residential real estate this spring.

Real estate transactions likely to be strong with new tax law

The brand-new tax law is expected to benefit those who purchase properties as investments in 2018. Specifically, it should help those investors with high net worth who are interested in completing real estate transactions in Virginia and other parts of the United States. One aspect of the tax law that is a boon for these investors is retaining 1031 real estate exchanges.

Now may be best time to engage in real estate transactions

Trying to figure out when to purchase a home in Virginia can understandably be intimidating. This is particularly true when the home options are limited and when prices seem too high. However, according to experts, engaging in residential real estate transactions may be a wise move in 2018.

Americans still want real estate transactions with new tax plan

With the next tax bill on its way to becoming law, several people throughout the United States, including many in Virginia, are apparently nervous about how it will impact the real estate industry. A recent survey indicated that some Americans are even considering altering their plans to engage in residential real estate transactions. However, optimism still appears to exist in the real estate world.

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