Why You Should Fight A Traffic Ticket

Fighting a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket is often a good idea. You may think that paying a fine to traffic court and admitting guilt means that you are done with the issue. This is not necessarily true. Even one violation can affect your car insurance rates, employment or professional licensing.

You may be cautious about spending money on an attorney to defend something you believe is straightforward. However, because the consequences of tickets aren't always clear, you should at least discuss the ticket with a lawyer. In many cases, the expense of not hiring an attorney can be greater than the lawyer's fees. This is especially true with more serious traffic charges such as an allegation of reckless driving. At Patel & Dalrymple, PLLC , we offer free initial consultations to answer your questions before you hire anyone.

Have A Clean Driving Record? We Try To Keep It That Way.

If you have a clean driving record, that is another reason why you should fight a traffic citation because you probably want to keep a clean record if at all possible. Having a clean record can also help you in your defense. When you don't have a pattern of traffic offenses it can be easier to negotiate a deal that keeps your record clean and resolves the matter of the ticket. If we cannot reach a deal with the commonwealth attorney, then our lawyers are prepared to take each case to trial. A number of defenses may apply to your circumstances and our experience allows us to ascertain the best defense for your case.

Since we don't charge for an initial consultation, there is no reason not to call us at our Lynchburg, Virginia, office 434-832-7030 or email us to speak with an attorney.