Patel & Dalrymple, PLLC May 13, 2020

You were driving along safely, enjoying the sunshine and listening to your favorite song when rear-ended or t-boned going through a stoplight. Your injury isn’t extremely severe, but it’s severe enough that you are seeking compensation for your medical bills and necessities as you recover.

Because you reported the crash to authorities and insurance companies, an insurance adjuster is sure to contact you to sort out the details. Be aware, that the insurance company would like to pay out as little as possible. To do so, they will employ tactics to turn the tides in their favor. This is where the hiring of a personal injury attorney becomes invaluable. They know the tactics of insurance companies inside and out.

  1. Offer a quick payout: The first offer is rarely the best. If you agree to the fast payout, you could be leaving benefits on the table.

  2. Fair settlement: The phrase “fair settlement” is thrown around a lot. That means the compensation is fair for the insurance company. Stay far away from that statement.

  3. Asking that you wait to call an attorney: The insurance adjuster will likely ask you to wait for their offer before consulting a personal injury attorney. This allows them to persuade you to accept the low-ball offer before you an attorney advises you against it. Disregard this offer and seek out representation to safeguard your best interests.

In addition to these manipulative tactics, understand the following:

  1. If a friend or family member caused your accident, they don’t have to suffer financially: If you are worried about filing a claim because you think it’ll lead to financial difficulties for your friend or family member, don’t worry. Your claim can be made directly against their insurance company.

  2. For a personal injury case, seek out a personal injury attorney: You may have a trusted attorney that has assisted you with past circumstances, but unless they practice personal injury law, it’s unlikely they’ll know the ins and outs of handling your claim.

Lastly, most claims do not go to court. Most are solved through mediation, with your attorney doing the heavy lifting to bring the guilty party accountable.