Put Your Estate in Order with A Will and Trusts

It is one thing to have unspoken understandings with family members about what would happen to your property after your death. It is another to document your wishes in a legally enforceable way. A well-done will can prevent family disputes. Trust(s) can enable the transfer of assets without probate.

Patel & Dalrymple, PLLC, in Lynchburg, Virginia, guides clients through estate planning choices and solutions. We are ready to help you spell out your intentions for allocating your home, your cash holdings, and other assets after your death (and/or making decisions for you before you die as needed) through legal tools, including:

  • A will: basic, complex, or pour over

  • One or more trusts such as a revocable living trust, a charitable trust, or a special needs trust for a disabled adult family member

  • One or more powers of attorney — often necessary and helpful during a final illness

  • A health care directive



Don’t Put It Off Any Longer

Many Americans, in particular, are uncomfortable talking about death and dying. Perhaps this is why many people put off estate planning. Some may be concerned about legal fees. Remember, though, that a well-crafted will and/or appropriate trust(s) will likely save the executor of your estate, and beneficiaries, time, and money at a time of sorrow. Putting your affairs in order with a will and/or trust(s) is a way of paying it forward and ultimately saving your family expenses at a difficult time.

Assuming you have assets like retirement accounts and real estate, spending on estate planning now is simply a way of economizing. If you die intestate, without a legally formalized will, your family will need to pay even more and waste valuable time settling your estate.

Turn to A Trusted Estate Planning Lawyer in Lynchburg

We will gladly discuss any other issues applicable to your situation as you prepare to update a will, create a will from scratch, set up a trust, or create powers of attorney. Call or email us to schedule a consultation.