Legal Advice and Representation in Commercial Property Transactions

Virtually all parties in commercial property transactions are vitally concerned about the bottom line as they prepare to construct, buy, sell, or lease commercial real estate such as:

  • Office buildings

  • Gasoline stations

  • Restaurants and fast-food business outlets

  • Storage facilities

  • Manufacturing buildings

  • Parking garages

  • Wholesalers

  • Repair facilities

  • Retail shops

  • Strip malls

  • Enclosed malls

  • Stand-alone stores

  • Theaters

  • Recreational and fitness facilities

  • Child care centers and adult daycare facilities

  • Stand-alone buildings or multitenant complexes for professional practices like medical practice buildings

  • And many others



A buyer, seller, landlord or tenant is interested in making a profit or preventing financial loss as they approach a commercial real estate deal. Quality legal counsel is essential to prevent or overcome challenges such as:

  • Title defects

  • Misunderstandings about taxes and/or insurance

  • Failure of either side to follow through on a commercial real estate transaction

  • Creation, signing or dissolving commercial real estate contracts

  • Financing and refinancing

  • Preparing for and proceeding through closing or formalization of contracts

  • Adversarial matters like foreclosures, eminent domain, and condemnations

Patel & Dalrymple, PLLC, have decades of experience in commercial and residential real estate law and other legal matters affecting businesses and individuals. Our commercial real estate attorneys can help landlords and tenants negotiate terms of leases, address misuse of properties by tenants, resolve typical disagreements and disputes, and address other legal concerns.

What Concerns Are Potential Obstacles for Your Buy-Sell or Lease Transaction?

Did a commercial property fail an inspection? Did a potential tenant back out of a contract at the last minute? Have neighbors complained about noise or encroachment coming from a commercial property? Do new tax estimates show a misunderstanding about the value of a commercial property? Are the problems related to signage, boundaries, or environmental issues? While our focus is on real estate transactions, we also advise and make referrals as necessary when our commercial real estate clients encounter difficulties.

Protect Your Interests: Get Solid Information and Attentive Legal Services

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