Building Your Family with Intention and Love Through Adoption

There are few areas of law that are more fulfilling than adoptions. Simply stated, we love them. Our experienced team can guide you through domestic, foster care, and private placement adoptions. Our team becomes your team as we move toward a common goal. We have facilitated over 100 adoptions in the last decade. Let our family law attorneys’ experience work for you!



Stepparent Adoption and More

Adoptions come about through many life circumstances, including:

  • Adoption by parents who are infertile or choose not to go through pregnancy

  • Private placement of children born to mothers who are unable to care for them

  • Stepparent adoptions

  • Other family-based adoptions, such as when siblings, cousins or aunts and uncles become parents of young people in need of stable homes

  • Adoptions of babies, young children, older children, teenagers, and in some cases, adults adopted by elderly people

You may be preparing to adopt a child who already has a dependent relationship with you, such as a stepchild or a grandchild. Or you may be about to adopt a child whom you have just met or will soon meet through referrals. Unique family circumstances will help determine the legal steps that may be needed, including:

  • Termination of parental rights if the biological parents are still living

  • A home study if required by law

  • Preparation to make a foster child your adopted child

We Can Help Expedite the Adoption Process

Once you have decided to make a child your legal son or daughter, you may be impatient for this change to become official. We understand your eagerness and will do all we can to help you move efficiently through all legal requirements.

Our adoption attorneys will also advise you of community resources that may be helpful if you encounter unexpected difficulties, such as getting counseling for the child or handling attempted communications from biological parents after adoption.

We also help birth parents who are interested in open adoption arrangements. Open adoption enables biological mothers and fathers to keep in contact through the upbringing of a child they have decided to give up to be raised by another family.

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