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Never post details of a car accident on Facebook

Social media has greatly altered how some court cases end. More attorneys bring Facebook posts and tweets into the courtroom to claim someone should not receive as many benefits. This is especially pertinent after a car accident when the insurance company will use anything possible to get out of paying damages. 

Self-driving Uber accident raises concerns about autonomous cars

Innovative self-driving vehicle technology has been exciting for many people, but others have been frightened at the possibilities. What if cars that navigate themselves malfunction and cause an accident? What if the technology is never good enough to fully replace human drivers? Whether you are for, against or undecided about self-driving cars, like many Virginians, you may have been interested in seeing how the new technology works out.

5 important rental clauses you might not think about

Being a landlord in Virginia can be a rewarding and lucrative business. However, whether you rent out a second home or a multi-family apartment complex, owning rental property can also be challenging. Part of the landlord's job is to ensure your tenants abide by the rules of their rental contract, as well as take the proper steps to evict them if they do not comply.

Using social media if you are involved in a lawsuit

Social media is an important part of many people's lives in today's digital world. You may use several forms of social media daily, from Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram. How you use these tools becomes particularly important if you are facing a lawsuit.

What is a business trust?

You may understand that trusts are an estate planning tool that can protect your assets from estate taxes and ensure your loved ones have what they need after your death. However, a trust is more than that: It is also a type of ownership. As such, it can be a tool for your business, as well.

Talking to teens about underage drinking

Even the brightest teens do not always make the best decisions, and this is particularly true when it comes to alcohol. Teens are still maturing, and they are also at a point in their lives when they are particularly susceptible to peer pressure.

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