Patel & Dalrymple, PLLC May 12, 2020

Car accidents may cause unseen damage to both your vehicle and your body. You cannot predict the way your body will react when the force of an impact occurs.

Crash injuries vary based on a myriad of factors. You must pay close attention to your body in the days after an accident. Discover some of the subtle cues your body may give to indicate all is not right beneath the surface.

Disruption in Sleep

Sleep is the one way the brain has to repair itself and other body systems. A sudden change in sleeping patterns after a crash may signal issues with one or more systems, including the brain. Insomnia is something that plagues people with injuries as it makes it difficult for the body to wind down. However, sleeping too much should also raise a red flag. It may indicate that you have something amiss with your brain.

Digestive Issues

Your digestive tract is essential in keeping your body energized and functioning. When it is off balance due to a change in either function or composition, you may notice some subtle differences. You may lose your appetite or have a general nauseous feeling, whether you have eaten or not. You may feel a sudden onset of pain on one side or the other. If you experience sharp pains in the abdomen at any time following a crash, you may have an internal injury causing bleeding or swelling.

It is best to seek medical attention after a car accident, even if you do not feel any pain. Addressing an injury sooner may prevent it from worsening. Any changes, regardless of how small, are important to report.