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Our Lawyers Are Here to Help You Recover

A car, truck or motorcycle accident often results in serious injuries – sometimes catastrophic ones. Other crashes leave people with minor but painful soft-tissue injuries that require rest, ongoing medical treatment and therapy. Any injury is disorienting. After a collision has caused harm in your life, your greatest challenge is to get back on your feet: physically, emotionally and financially. The good news is that many people with similar injuries and losses have recovered valiantly. We are confident that you can, too. We also realize your fears and difficulties at this time. Our lawyers and staff are here to help you meet the challenge and get back to a normal life as soon as you can.



Looking Into Legal Aspects of A Crash

If Patel & Dalrymple, PLLC, in Lynchburg, Virginia, represents you after a motor vehicle accident, you can be confident in our ability to get started right away:

  • Gathering evidence: Your related memories, eyewitness testimony, the police report, photographs, weather reports and an examination of your crashed car are all examples of evidence we will look at closely.

  • Establishing a working relationship with you: Getting to know each other will help keep lines of communication open. If you suddenly remember a key detail or have urgent questions, we will respond promptly. As we become acquainted with your lifestyle before and after the accident, we will be better able to represent you before claims adjusters, a judge, and/or a jury.

  • Understanding your injuries and losses: We are careful to be vigilant and timely about obtaining medical records, communicating with health care professionals and experts as needed. A well-documented prognosis can be critical for your case outcome. Knowing what to expect can help us build strong arguments for you. The goal is to recover maximum compensation for the medical care and accommodations you will need to get well and move forward.

  • Investigating the cause(s) of the crash: Our years of experience have taught us that it may take time and digging to get to the real triggers of injury. Did another driver push you out of your lane of traffic? Does video surveillance footage in the area reveal any special environmental complications? Was the other motorist drunk or distracted? Were your vehicle’s tires defective? Our diligent research may give us an understanding of what happened and why. This information will help us build a strong case and pursue compensation from the right sources.

When All Is Said and Done

Our attorneys can help you in many ways before the conclusion of your injury claim or lawsuit. We can point you toward medical providers who will treat you long before you may be able to pay the bills. We will put you in touch with social workers and other professionals who can help you make plans for coping after you leave the hospital or rehabilitation center. Meanwhile, we will continue putting together a compelling claim for compensation to present in settlement conferences or at trial on your behalf.

Our goal is for the settlement or verdict you may receive to be enough to let you get back to living your life, making you as whole as possible once again. Let’s talk about your accident, your injuries, and the compensation you will need. Call or send an email message through our online intake form. We also represent family members after fatal motor vehicle accidents. We can get to work right away preparing to file a wrongful death claim for you after the death of a loved one.