Protecting Your Interests In Real Estate Transactions

At Patel & Dalrymple, our mission is to serve you with integrity and caring. With a gentle hand we will guide you through one of the important transactions of your life, whether it is buying or selling a home or commercial property. Our lawyers will also protect your interests in disputes.

Our law office is in Lynchburg and we serve residential and commercial clients throughout central Virginia. Call 434-832-7030 to talk to a real estate lawyer.

The following are examples of the real estate services we provide:

  • Residential real estate transactions: Our lawyers will help you complete this transaction smoothly and correctly. We will handle every stage of the transaction from drafting or reviewing the purchase agreement, to resolving issues that come up during the home inspection or title search, to the closing.

  • Commercial real estate transactions: Commercial real estate transactions have issues that are not present in residential transactions, such as environmental issues, zoning and liability protection. Commercial transactions also require greater due diligence to ensure you are getting everything you think you are getting.

  • Landlord-tenant issues: Our attorneys represent landlords in issues such as lease preparation and unlawful detainer actions. We also represent business owners in commercial lease negotiations and disputes.

  • Homeowner associations: We represent developers and owners of townhomes, condominiums and other common interest communities in central Virginia. We also handle disputes between homeowner associations, developers and homeowners.

  • Real estate litigation: Our lawyers are here to protect your interests in all types of real estate disputes, including failure-to-disclose actions, breach of purchase agreements, escrow disputes, property line disputes and easement disputes.

For More Information About Our Real Estate Services

To schedule an attorney consultation about your real estate matter, call 434-832-7030 or send us an email.

Attorneys For Real Estate Closings

The closing is the final stage of a real estate transaction where ownership of a home or commercial property is transferred from the seller to the buyer. Ensuring the transaction goes without a hitch requires careful coordination between all parties, including the seller, the buyer, the lender and the title insurance company.

At Patel & Dalrymple, our attorneys and staff are dedicated to helping your closing go smoothly. Our law office is in Lynchburg, and we handle closings throughout central Virginia. Our law firm handles from 60 to 80 closings per month. Call 434-832-7030 to talk to a lawyer about your transaction.

By Your Side Every Step Of The Way

During the closing, the seller will receive payment and the buyer will receive clear title and legal ownership of the property. The home inspection and title search (and any issues related to the inspection or title search) must be completed prior to the closing. If you are financing the purchase, you must also arrange for a mortgage loan prior to closing.

To ensure every step involved in the transaction is completed on a timely basis, our law firm uses project management software called Basecamp. At any time in the transaction, you'll be able to see what steps have been completed and what steps remain to be completed for the closing to happen. It also provides a timeline for when steps need to be completed for the transaction to remain on track. This is your assurance that everything is happening when it should be happening. Buying a new home or business property is stressful enough without worrying that something unexpected will cause a delay.

At the closing, you will need to sign a large number of legal documents. We will be on hand to explain each of these documents and to answer any questions you have.

For More Information About Real Estate Closings

Everyone at our firm, including attorneys and support staff, strive to provide you with a predictable and successful closing. To schedule an attorney consultation, call 434-832-7030 or send us an email.