Patel & Dalrymple, PLLC July 30, 2020

For many people in the United States, especially those in more rural areas, driving is a way of life. We commute to work, see family, run errands, go out to eat, and take vacations. With so many people on the road every day doing this, that and the other, it is inevitable that tickets will be issued, and car accidents will occur.

Most people believe that they are a safe driver, but not everybody can be a great driver if we’re honest with ourselves. Even the most conscientious and safe drivers on the road have their fair share of close calls and have likely experienced a fender bender in their lifetime.

Because of reckless and distracted driving, while understanding that some of it is inadvertent, what can we do to advance safety on the roads? Look no further than you and your teenager’s smartphone.

Two smartphone brands, Apple and Android, dominate the market. Thus, the four applications below are free and downloadable on either device.

1. DriveMode


  • DriveMode silences all incoming calls and texts once your vehicle reaches 15 miles per hour.

  • You can set up the app to send auto-replies to those trying to reach you.

  • Parents are allowed to sign up for a service that will alert them if their child turns off or disables the app.

  • When activated, DriveMode enables the use of music or navigation apps.

2. EverDrive


  • This app can bring out the competitive side of each driver in the name of safety.

  • EverDrive rates your driving abilities like acceleration, speed, phone use, cornering and braking.

  • You can use these ratings as proof to your friends how much of a batter driver you are.

3. TrueMotion Family


  • This safe driving app puts the whole family on notice.

  • The app monitors each user’s driving session and grades it on a 100-point scale. Actions like distracted or aggressive driving lower your score.

  • TrueMotion also gives you the ability to track each driver’s location, but you can easily turn off the location monitoring in the settings menu.

  • The app helps identify which driving areas each user could improve by showcasing driving insights and identifying each driver’s risky behaviors.

Safe driving is top of mind for most drivers, but we all misstep now and then. If there are tools out there to help us drive better and less distracted, why not take advantage of them. If you do experience a car crash, suffer an extensive injury, and believe the other’s driver is at fault, consider seeking professional representation to guard your best interests.