Patel & Dalrymple, PLLC Jan. 29, 2020

A car accident does not always need to involve multiple vehicles to be serious, and it is not only the drivers who may experience ill effects as a result. A crash may also involve passengers, pedestrians and others who may end up injured or killed from involvement in the collision. A single-car accident in Sussex County, Virginia, left the 73-year-old male driver dead. A female passenger of unknown age traveled to the hospital in the care of medics via airlift due to critical injuries sustained in the crash.

The accident occurred east of Cabin Point Road along Route 460 last Wednesday afternoon. The driver reportedly hit a tree after losing control of the vehicle. The hospital has not released any specific information as to the passenger’s injuries or her prognosis.

Authorities have ruled out alcohol as a factor in the collision but are still investigating to discover the exact cause. In addition to killing the driver and sending the passenger to the hospital, the crash also closed down the eastbound lanes of Route 460 for some time thereafter to facilitate the investigation. The Virginia Department of Transportation redirected eastbound traffic on Route 460 onto Cabin Point Road.

As the facts of this case demonstrate, a car accident involving only one vehicle can still be serious and result in severe and potentially life-threatening injuries. For passengers involved in such a crash, as well as their family members, it may be worthwhile to contact an attorney regarding possible legal options for collecting medical bills and other damages from the party or parties responsible for the collision.