Patel & Dalrymple, PLLC May 17, 2018

Sadly, two lives were snuffed out in a recent motor vehicle accident in Virginia. The early-morning car accident took place along Interstate 495. Often, these types of fatal car accidents happen due to the carelessness of a driver, which is grounds for a wrongful death claim.

The accident happened at about 12:15 a.m. on a Friday. A trooper was performing his routine patrols when he noticed a car that had overturned. After investigating the situation, he learned that the car had flipped as it came off an exit ramp.

The car overturned after it left the roadway and struck a Jersey barrier. At the time of the accident, the driver was reportedly speeding. The male driver and the female passenger were ages 22 and 20 respectively.

The surviving loved ones of the female passenger appear to have grounds to pursue a wrongful death claim against the driver, seeking the reimbursement of financial damages. Although the man who allegedly caused the accident by speeding ended up passing away too, his estate can be sued. In addition, anyone else who owned the car he was driving when the accident happened may be named a defendant in the lawsuit.

A preponderance of the evidence is necessary to establish liability, based upon a showing of negligence, in a civil court in Virginia. Once this occurs, documented claims for financial damages will be adjudicated. A monetary award in a successfully litigated lawsuit obviously cannot bring back the deceased accident victim. However, it can help to address the pain and suffering, emotional distress, funeral costs and other monetary losses associated with these types of car accidents.

Source: Greater Alexandria, VA, Patch, “2 Alexandrians Killed In Springfield Car Crash: VSP”, Geoff Dempsey, May 4, 2018