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Developer facilitates real estate transactions in Virginia

A Virginia developer recently decided to add yet another hotel to its property portfolio. This time, the hotel is located in the Hampton Roads area. The company plans to purchase the hotel and conference center for a total of $19 million, making it one of the most noteworthy recent real estate transactions in Virginia Beach.

In addition to paying $19 million for the hotel, the real estate developer plans to spend a total of $25 million on property renovations. The hotel will then be rebranded. The building, which sits on a site spanning 3.6 acres near the Chesapeake Bay, features 295 suites.

Lynchburg-area college students: how to handle an arrest

If you are a college student in a Lynchburg, Virginia-area college and police arrest you for an offense such as underage drinking, drug possession, assault, or another crime, you are likely wondering how your arrest will affect your academic and career future. An arrest can put a permanent mark on your record that can have consequences both on your college career as well as future employment opportunities.

There are specific steps you can take following an arrest to help ensure the best possible outcome for your future. Here are some tips on how to proceed after an arrest.

Speeding a common cause of fatal car accidents

Sadly, two lives were snuffed out in a recent motor vehicle accident in Virginia. The early-morning car accident took place along Interstate 495. Often, these types of fatal car accidents happen due to the carelessness of a driver, which is grounds for a wrongful death claim.

The accident happened at about 12:15 a.m. on a Friday. A trooper was performing his routine patrols when he noticed a car that had overturned. After investigating the situation, he learned that the car had flipped as it came off an exit ramp. 

Wills, trusts may benefit those with cryptocurrency assets

Death is inevitable, and unfortunately, it sometimes comes sooner than one thinks. For this reason, estate planning, which may involve setting up trusts or creating wills, is critical no matter how old an individual may be. This is particularly the case for individuals in Virginia who own cryptocurrency assets.

Cryptocurrency is skyrocketing in value. In fact, some fortunate investors have amassed millions and even billions of dollars' worth of crypto assets recently. However, when they pass away, their assets may not end up in the intended hands if they have not taken estate planning seriously.

3 legal hazards of social media

Most people log on to Instagram or Facebook and think the content they post is harmless. You can control your privacy settings and manage your audience, so is there any real risk in getting personal via social media? Despite the customization abilities you have, the answer is yes. There are several ways in which social media can become a legal hazard if you do not carefully consider the potential consequences of what you post.

An ill-advised post on social media could threaten the success of your legal case. The following three examples are just a few liabilities to be on the lookout for. 

Some advice is best to ignore during real estate transactions

A challenging aspect of putting a home on the market in Virginia is dealing with all of the unknowns. For instance, how much can the home be sold for, and who will end up buying it? Home sellers' co-workers, friends and family may be quick to offer advice based on their own opinions, but unfortunately, not all advice regarding residential real estate transactions is good advice. Here are a couple common pieces of advice given to homeowners that are better to avoid.

First, many homeowners have heard that they should list their homes only during the spring. The reality is that each real estate market in the United States is different, so what may be an excellent selling time in one part of the country may not necessarily be good in another area. Also, if everyone decides to sell in the spring, that means more competition with other sellers. Thus, selling a home during the less busy months may be a wiser move in some cases.

Trusts can help to protect assets long term

In today's busy society, estate planning is easy to put off and perhaps never get around to doing. However, this process, which involves creating wills and/or setting up trusts, is critical for protecting one's assets down the road. The latter can be particularly helpful for ensuring that one's assets are distributed properly in the event of one's death in Virginia.

Like wills, trusts -- which are essentially legal agreements -- detail how people's assets will be distributed when they die. However, they also enable their creators -- known as grantors -- to designate people to manage their assets during their lifetimes should they become incapacitated. To create these legal agreements, the grantors must write trust documents and then transfer the ownership of selected properties to the trusts.

Rear-end car accidents may lead to injuries, death

A man sadly lost his life in a rear-end motor vehicle collision in Virginia. Meanwhile, another man suffered serious injuries in the accident. At times, these types of car accidents may stem from a driver's negligence, which is grounds for a liability lawsuit.

The recent car accident took place at a little before 6:30 p.m. on a Friday. According to police, a minivan driver was going west along a road and ended up rear-ending a car before they reached an intersection. The car was pushed off the road as a result of the collision's impact.

Never post details of a car accident on Facebook

Social media has greatly altered how some court cases end. More attorneys bring Facebook posts and tweets into the courtroom to claim someone should not receive as many benefits. This is especially pertinent after a car accident when the insurance company will use anything possible to get out of paying damages. 

Following a traffic collision, you never want to post pictures of yourself or your car onto Facebook. You also want to avoid posting details of the trial. The reason is that a status update of you saying, "I was in a car accident, but I feel fine" could give the opposing party evidence that you did not sustain significant injuries to warrant a high payout. Here are the ways you should handle your social media accounts following an accident. 

Car accidents may happen due to improper passing

A tragic motor vehicle accident involving two cars recently took the lives of two individuals in Virginia. The head-on car accident occurred along Route 683. These types of car accidents may happen as a result of a driver's carelessness, which is grounds for litigation.

According to police, a 25-year-old man was driving south along the highway and tried to pass a fellow driver moving in the same direction. Police said, however, that the area was a no-passing zone. Authorities reported that the man ended up hitting an SUV that was going north at the time.

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