Patel & Dalrymple, PLLC Dec. 5, 2017

When motor vehicles collide on busy Virginia roadways, the exact causes of such incidents are not always immediately apparent. Such seems to be the case following one particular collision that involved several vehicles and resulted in serious injuries. As often occurs when car accidents lead to more questions than answers, a full investigation has been launched to determine who or what may have caused the cars to crash.

The crash occurred on a recent Wednesday just before noon. One of the vehicles involved in the collision was a taxi cab. Another car was apparently being driven by a man who was dressed as Santa Claus. There were also reports that a third car may have been involved in the crash.

Following the initial impact of the collision, one of the vehicles wound up on its roof. Rescue workers who came to the scene transported one person to a nearby hospital for treatment of his injuries. Thankfully, the man’s condition was not considered life-threatening .

It often takes weeks or even months for investigators to achieve conclusions following multi-vehicle car accidents. Such situations often lead to litigation if one or more parties is believed to have been negligent while driving. Anyone in Virginia currently recovering from accident injuries who is considering filing a personal injury claim to seek recovery for his or her losses may want to discuss the matter with an experienced attorney before heading to court. Acting alongside experienced legal representation may increase the chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.

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